How to Get Started Building a DC Comics Bombshell Collection

Are you a fan of DC Comics and looking to get started with your own collection of Bombshells? Whether you are new to collecting Funko Pops or a longtime fan, this guide will show you how to start building your collection of DC Comics Bombshells. From determining which characters or variants you want to buy, we’ll break it all down into simple steps!

Pick Your Character: Choose from DC Bombshell characters like Harley Quinn, Mera, Poison Ivy, and Wonder Woman.

With so many characters available to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which characters are the best fit for your Bombshells collection. Consider your own personal likes and preferences, as well as the level of collectibility each character has. Harley Quinn is a popular pick due to her edginess, while Wonder woman is a classic who stands out with her strength and golden lasso. The DC Comics Superhero Bombshells also offers fan favorites like Mera and Hawkgirl.

dc bombshells poison ivy funko pop!

Set a Budget & Make a Shopping List for your DC Comics Bombshells Collection

Before you start shopping for your DC Comics Bombshells Collection, it is important to set a budget and create a shopping list. Assembling a collection of Funko Pops can become expensive if not managed properly. Once you have your budget established, take some time to decide which series, stories, or characters you want in your collection. Making a list of the specific characters you want will help make the process of shopping for Funko Pops much easier.

dc bombshells duela dent funko pop!

Determine Your DC Comics Bombshells Collection Focus

Just like any other type of collection, you’ll need to decide what the focus is for your Bombshells collection. You could choose to collect all characters released in the series or just those that feature certain colors and designs. Alternatively, you could choose to focus on a certain theme such as special editions, variant designs or limited edition Funko Pops! Figure out what would be most enjoyable and satisfying for you when building your own DC Comics Bombshells collection.

Gather the Pieces You Want for your Funko Pop Collection

Now that you’ve got your budget set and your shopping list made, it’s time to put together the pieces of your DC Comics Bombshell collection. If you have limited funds, you can begin to collect with only a few essential Funko Pops, then build up from there.

Start by looking for reputable and safe places to shop for Funko Pops, like local comic book stores or online vendors like Pop Central. Remember to inspect the Pops for damaged edges or irregular wear and tear before you buy them. Don’t forget to check for special edition exclusives that can add value to your collection!

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