Unboxing Funko Shop Exclusives 9.2020

Funko Shop September Exclusives 

Funko will randomly release exclusive collectable pops to their shop. If you are a collector of Funko you look forward to the next release date like a Jordan fan looks forward to the next shoe drop. If you are a pop hunter you have been there, waiting for the wheel of death at the checkout page with ALL the brand new drops in your cart, when you finally checkout you are lucky if you’ve got 3 out of the 7 in your cart.

Joe scored three exclusive pops so far this september

We love unboxing day at Pop Central! This week Joe unboxed three Exclusive Funko Shop Pops.

Joe inspecting his hello kitty unoboxing

Felicia has been a Hello Kitty fan girl for as long as she can remember, so of course Joe had to add the Hello Kitty Sky #43 Funko Pop to his cart when it became available on the Funko shop. PLUS she is a Diamond…. which means glitter, all the glorious glitter. Even though she’s got a little damage on the box this collectable piece (only 4,000 pieces made) may be one of Felicia’s new favorite additions to her Hello Kitty collection.

Joe has been adding all of the Toy Story Alien Remix Funko Pops to our Personal Collection, so this Bulls Eye was an obvious “Must Have”. We will have to put together a blog with our full Alien Remix Collection… they are so much fun!

Bullseye Funko Unboxed
Up close of Bullseye limited edition Pop

Last but not least from this weeks unboxing was the Bugs Bunny from Funko’s Artist Series. It was a little hard to photograph, since Joe doesn’t take them out of the box… but he is SO cool! The acrylic pour design makes it one of our favorite Looney Tunes Pops.

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