Birthstone Inspired 14oz Mugs

Looking for a way to celebrate a loved ones birthday, or maybe even your own?

When Jasmin asked me to create some one of a kind stainless steel mugs for her that were birthstone inspired I couldn’t wait to make her dreams come a reality! I had been given the opportunity to create some other pieces for Jasmin before and working with her is always a dream. 

Jasmin knew she wanted a mug that represented a real garnet stone, she was always looking for a peridot inspired mug and her only requirement for that was that it had some chunky peridot glitter. Right away I went on the hunt for some glitter…. because if you know me or have seen my collection of glitter you know my favorite thing is shopping for new glitter.

To be honest I was a little anxious I would not be able to get the true garnet stone look right away, after doing some google searches for garnet stones I realized they have so many different looks to them. I picked up some alcohol inks, color dispersion colors and some fine garnet glitter and went to work on a practice tumbler. Right away, I realized “I got this!”

Both of these coffee mugs turned out beautifully, and Jasmin was very happy with her second purchase from Pop Central! 👉 Check out Jasmin’s Instagram @Jasmin_ChangesWc she is a super talented hair stylist based out of Walnut Creek, Ca.

Want to order a personalize a stainless steel tumbler for yourself? I try to make the process as simple for you as possible, just keep in mind these are a work of art and they take time (up to 4 weeks not including shipping). Check out the styles available we have available to personalize here.

Garnet birthstone coffee mug
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Birthstone inspired garnet coffee mug

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