Unboxing Dec 19 Quick Look

Merciless Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop! 


Dec 2019 Unboxing Darth Vader Lights and sounds
Batman Merciless Hot Topic Exclusive

The chrome blue Batman 80 year celebratory Merciless Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop! is EVERYTHING! We love blue in the Pulley household and we love the sleekness of these black boxes from the Marvel Artist Collection.

Did you see the Lights and Sounds Darth Vader? We love adding new Star Wars Funko Pop! Vinyls to the collection because everyone, well… almost everyone loves Star wars (Fun Fact Felicia did not watch any Star Wars Movie until she met Joe and he convinced her – something Film school couldn’t even do – that it was a movie she needed to watch). If you have not unboxed the new Darth yet you will not be disappointed.

Have you added either of these to your collection?

Do you need the Merciless Pop!? We’ve got it listed on the shop site, but there is only one in stock so get it while it is available! 

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