Let’s Talk Sims 4 Lots

I have referred to The Sims 4 as digital barbies, because that is just what it is. You get to collect all your favorite “Barbies” from downloading pre-made sims from places like The Sims Resource.

I personally like to start with a shell of a home, and then decorate the space to my liking. I love to design full neighborhoods this way, businesses, parks, schools, homes. The whole Shabang!

Designing a Sims neighborhood based on San Francisco? Search for builds that look like they are from a Victorian period. My go to place to find something like this would be The Sims Resource. TSR has a built in search feature, so you can search for Victorian and download as many resources as you need to make your SF like neighborhood.

When searching through the EA library for Sims 4 lots using the same term “Victorian” you will find a lot of lots with no custom content, or so much custom content that it looks nothing like it did in the EA Library.

My Sims 4 Interior Style

I also like my homes to be a little more bohemian, luxurious and modern. So – I like the Victorian Exterior but I don’t like my Sims decor looking like they are living the goth life. (I haven’t played The Sims Vampires yet! – Vampire Diaries The Sims 4 Style is on my list of things to play out – or BUILD OUT!)

Once I get all the lots for my Sims neighborhood looking cohesive I will choose one lot to start a game with. I start off with using what I can from the base games, I almost always find my way to The Sims Resource spending hours at a time “shopping” for my sims on my monthly VIP subscription. 

I will find all the wall colors, furniture, accessories and YES Clutter – because I like my Sims lots to feel real to start decorating which takes at least 3 nights in a row.

What are your favorite Sims 4 Lots from The Sims Resource?

Sims 4 Lots: Victorian Style 

15 Laurel Lane – Red Brick Victorian

The Addams Mansion

Wictoria – NO CC!

Tyrrell Mansion

The sims 4 lots favorites

Stay Hydrated While Working On Your Sims 4 Lots

I designed this 22 oz acrylic + resin double walled tumbler with a green Plumbob to represent my MOOD when I get to build my Sims lots. I know I am not the only Sim Lifer so made it available on the shop  –  you can even personalize it with your gamer tag! 

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