DIY Turners

Are you a tumbler maker? Are you looking into what it would take to start making resin tumblers? Learn from us and do not waste your money on buying one of those turners from your local craft store – or one from amazon. Build your own tumbler turner!

When we first started putting together our workshop we purchased a turner from online, it was pretty price and allowed us to turn two resin tumblers at a time. We still have this turner, but the use on it is pretty limited… it isnt the easiest to remove the arms so you need to turn your cups for a longer period of time vs. being able to have a rack to up them up vertically after 4 hours. 

We have heard nothing but horror stories about some of the turners that you can get at your local craft or hobby store, from motors not being strong enough, to them making REALLY loud noises or burning out after a few uses. 

Joe went to work and designed a handmade wooden tumbler turner that allows us to turn 6 cups at once, easily remove the turner arms, has a great sturdy arm rest for those heavy cups AND has a built in 6 cup drying rack. It took a few trips to the store to get the right parts and we were off to the races!

If you are interested in learning more about how to create your own turner comment below and we will hook you up! 

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